Moms with cannabis


Hey fam

I'm familiar with the herb. I smoked before having a child and I'm currently smoking after. 

Its quite nice actually.....weed will do that to you. 

Did I smoke while pregnant/ breastfeeding? 

Josh asked me not to so no I didn't. But I did stop breastfeeding at 4 months (more about that later) and starting smoking immediately. 

Of all the research that I did, the conclusion was basically up in the air. Apparently researchers have had a hard time getting accurate results for 2 reasons. (1) some women feel like they can't  be honest about their cannabis. (2) Of the studies that have been done thus far, some women used tobacco in addition to cannabis during the study. 

They say the baby eats and breaths what you eat and breath. But also I can't say that taking a Tylenol (this is what doctors recommend) is better than smoking weed when you have gnarly back pain. I feel like its obvious that marijuana is preferred to Tylenol. At least it is for me. But sadly yes, I took some Tylenol while pregnant and was not pleased. It was really challenging at the end there I mean OMFG. Pass

A few months after having Wimberley I just became overwhelmingly sad for no apparent reason. Long story short, I stopped breastfeeding at 4 months PP because I thought "I must be depressed" It turned out that I had a hypothyroid (under active thyroid) which left me totally busted. I was a mess. The information online says that when you have PPD you become disinterested in your baby and I never felt that way, I was just really fucking sad and anxious. 

SO I stopped breastfeeding, and soon after ended up on thyroid medicine. 

I'm actually devastated to have stopped breastfeeding because I felt so much better after starting Levothyroxine. 

* * * side note 

I know for a lot of women, discontinuing your breastfeeding journey early can be great. My good friend said that it was exactly what she needed. For me though, at least in retrospect, I think breastfeeding was actually what I needed. Yah I was sad but I loved breastfeeding and looked forward to it (its addicting). If only I had found out about my thyroid issue a month earlier. 

* * * 

But, to get back on topic, I got to start smoking weed again which was cool and definitely helpful. Some people like wine or running or whatever. I prefer weed. I don't think thats a big deal but Im aware of the still present taboo, especially as a mother. 

If you are wondering if you should or shouldn't smoke while pregnant/ breastfeeding, sorry this isn't that post. But I've been that girl and wanted to share my story because idk maybe someone will be able to get something out of it. 

I don't really have a conclusion other than do whatever the f*** you want and be ok with your decision.