Why Plant Based?

Well first of all, Ahimsa ...obvi

Secondly, why not plant based? Im not hurting anyone, not taking lives or polluting the planet with my food choices and I also feel healthier than ever. The only downside of being vegan is the guilt of not going vegan sooner and dealing with people who just straight up don't get it. 

Here's whats up.

Either you are avoiding the facts about where your food comes from or you know the facts and you just don't care. Its pretty simple.

You see, farm animals are no different from your dog or cat. Think I'm crazy? Think again. A dairy cow doesn't want to be hooked up to a painful machine so you can have cheese. No. She mourns the loss of her newborn baby. And again and again and again and again until her utters are so large and her mastitis is so bad that she's sent to slaughter. I've seen this in action and trust me when I say that tears mean the same thing in every species. 

Make no mistake, a pig feels anxiety and fear and pain just like your house pet. They are extremely social animals and are smarter than dogs AND 3 year olds. If you only knew the trauma, the truth, of what really goes on behind closed doors and in those trucks heading to slaughter you would be ashamed. 

Like many, the idea of watching undercover footage from a slaughterhouse makes you turn away. Why is that? 

The answer is confliction. We teach our kids to love animals etc. but we can't bare to look at what we do to them. Over 56 BILLION farm animals are killed EACH YEAR by humans.  

Looking at slaughtered animals is also pretty gross right? I mean, a cow with its throat cut and trachea ripped out while its still alive might sound like the dinner bell to some. Most of which are not human beings. Why? Because we are natural born herbivores. 

Take for example a 2-year-old. Put your baby in a crib with an apple and a bunny. You call me when that baby tries to eat the bunny and play with the apple. 

Eat the rainbow not the morgue

Ready to be woke? Watch Earthlings on YouTube. It is easily the most powerful documentary ever made.

The most dangerous phrase in the language is, we’ve always done it this way
— Grace Hopper