Working Moms

How do you full-time job moms do it?

Seriously wtf how do you do that?

I worked full time while I was pregnant and I remember thinking, there's no way I'm going to be happy taking care of these people when I could be taking care of my baby instead. Now I am a stay-at-home mom but I will be returning to work this summer as hubby and I relocate to Seattle. (he is getting out of the military)

Its my decision to go back to work because I don't care for the idea of him going to school during the day and then working after class. Not only would that be tough on him but I need to get out of the house too. So I've been applying for jobs in the area and I'm pretty excited but also nervous. Day care? I don't know about that. I mean, I went to day care and so did my sister but she went to kind of a crummy day care and would yell and bite me when she came home. Also its so expensive! Especially in Seattle. We looked at a few places online that are 2,000 A WEEK.

Also, a plant based diet has its challenges, even as an adult. People just don't get it and can be very defensive or judgmental of my family's lifestyle. Even with all the packed lunches in the world it still makes me nervous that her caretaker won't respect our wishes because how would we ever know? I could always say that "she has so many allergies that we just feed her a plant based diet" but what about Satya? 

Satya (truthfulness) is one of the Yamas of yoga. It urges us to live and speak our truth at all times but to be careful not to cause harm to another by that truth. So where's the line between the integrity of living your truth and just plain lying for the greater good? Whats a yoga mom to do?

Then there's this, I was sitting on the floor watching my baby girl play and I was stroking her sweet little hair thinking.... how am I ever going to leave you? She's just so wonderful. 

So I beg the question, how do you working moms do it?