How It Came to Be

Well, it all started with my first yoga teacher training in 2013. They made us watch these documentaries on slaughter houses. Everyone ended up leaving the room in tears, except for me and one other student. People were just dropping like flies. I however was fascinated. I couldn't believe I had been supporting this industry for so long. Literally paying people to do the things they were doing to those animals. As I sat there watching, I literally felt like the skin was melting off of my face. 

So I literally stopped eating meat that day and never looked back. I say that, but in reality I never fully gave up seafood. I've found that when you tell people you are pescetarian (seafood only) they think its some kind of religion. I'm sure if we had watched the film "Black Fish" that day then I would have gone full on vegetarian.

So anyway, I never really liked milk and had been drinking almond milk for as long as I could remember. For about 4 years my diet consisted of lots of quinoa, black beans, vegetables, eggs, seafood and cheese. It wasn't until this year that I really began to be grossed out by seafood and cheese. Just something about it didn't feel right. Then, after I had my daughter I was absolutely disgusted by eggs which I had eaten every morning for like ever. And that was that ... I was on the road to becoming that which must not be named.  When my girl was 3 months old I watched a documentary on Netflix called "What the Health" and just like, Vegan. I woke up the next morning and packaged up all our meat and dairy (hubs wasn't vegetarian at the time) and brought it to husband's work. I couldn't just let all those babies' sacrifice go in the garbage. I figured someone needed to eat it. 

And here we are, he said he was grossed out by meat and stuff lately so he jumped on the plant based band wagon with me. As of this moment, I have been meat and dairy free for 4 days HA. Big whoop. But its actually been super great. I'm so inspired by the whole thing that i'm sitting here creating a page on my website about it. That says something. 

How do you "vegan".. Pinterest, that's how. There are so many fab recipes and i've had a blast cooking it up in the kitchen this week. No more boring ass veggie quesadillas for me.