Insta Yoga

In the Western culture we are so blindly consumed by the physical. Don't compromise your yogic journey by being concerned with the perfect yoga post. If you have a yoga account on IG or a food blog or photography page, whatever you're into, check in with yourself and live your truth. Are you feeding your soul or your ego? Even the 'celebrity yogis' take a stupid amount of pictures and use lighting techniques to capture that perfect post with 130k likes. Its an illusion. Posting a beautiful image or video is great and can be really inspiring for a lot of people. Just make sure that you don't begin to associate your self worth with how many likes you get on Instagram. 

My husband got so annoyed with me ALWAYS asking him to take yoga pictures and videos that one day he came home with this, Iphone tripod and it has actually been really great. For a few years now I have used this tripod for yoga stuff but lately I have been using it to FaceTime! Everyone just wants to see Wimberley and this way I can set her down with the tripod in front of her and talk hands free. Its super light weight and easy to use. I highly recommend this little guy.