Why Plant Based?

Well first of all, Ahimsa ...obvi

Secondly, why not plant based? Im not hurting anyone, not taking lives or polluting the planet with my food choices and I also feel healthier than ever. The only downside of being vegan is the guilt of not going vegan sooner and dealing with people who just straight up don't get it. 

Here's whats up.

Either you are avoiding the facts about where your food comes from or you know the facts and you just don't care. Its pretty simple.

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Working Moms

How do you working moms do it?

I worked full time while I was pregnant and I remember thinking, there's no way I'm going to be happy taking care of these people when I could be taking care of my baby instead. Now I am a stay-at-home mom but I will be returning to work this summer as hubby and I relocate to Seattle. (he is getting out of the military)

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Its Just a Big Fucking Set Up

People just have no idea. But we are still all responsible. Isn't that what we teach our kids? That they are responsible for their actions. We, the adults, are 100% responsible for the madness that's occurring in our own backyard. 

Its ironic really, that we take our children to the zoo, circus or petting zoo, that their toys are primarily cartoon animals, that we have pets and teach our kids to love animals. We can agree that the zoo is awesome because children get to learn about animals and stand in the presence of these majestic creatures. 

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Post Partum Depression

So i'm going through some shit and i'm here to tell you, PPD is a real thing and it can happen to anyone. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. I've always been happy go lucky, carefree and just all around outspoken. Ever since I had Wimberely I feel like a shell of my former self. Don't get me wrong, motherhood is amazing and my kid is the light of my life. I live for her toothless little grin. She's growing more and more every day and I just can't believe how sweet and smart she is. I love her so much. Which is why I was really confused at first about this whole PPD thing. After having a baby, you meet with the doctor 2 and 4 weeks post partum, then they're like okay see yah next year! I asked her about the baby blues vs PPD and I was left thinking, hmm okay maybe I have a smidge of the baby blues. Its all good, and I was fine for awhile. 

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Fed Is Best

Breastfeeding. It can be really tough at first.

Every mother seems to have a different experience with this. Some women/babies absolutely flourish and everything runs smoothly from day one. Other women have a hard time in the beginning but it gets easier. I know a few people who had to use nipple shields, which are little plastic nipples (they look like thin bottle nipples) that you put on top of yours. This is because the baby wont latch for some reason. Maybe they are preemie and your nips are too big for that tiny mouth. It could be that your nipples are bleeding and you use a shield to help them heal. Your milk flow may be too fast or too slow for your baby etc. 

See, breastfeeding is hard and every mom/babe duo is different.

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Insta Yoga

In the Western culture we are so blindly consumed by the physical. Don't compromise your yogic journey by being concerned with the perfect yoga post. If you have a yoga account on IG or a food blog or photography page, whatever you're into, check in with yourself and live your truth. Are you feeding your soul or your ego? Even the 'celebrity yogis' take a stupid amount of pictures and use lighting techniques to capture that perfect post with 130k likes. Its an illusion. Posting a beautiful image or video is great and can be really inspiring for a lot of people. Just make sure that you don't begin to associate your self worth with how many likes you get on Instagram. 

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Meat Me

Chapter I

Eating animals, testing on animals, wearing animals, consuming dairy products, the circus, dog races, horse races, the zoo, hunting, fishing ..... 


Is that what i'm suppose to say? Its not like it isn't true.

Fortunately for both of us, my passion for veganism is driven by love. Love for you, this planet and all its sentient beings.

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How It Came to Be

Well, it all started with my first yoga teacher training in 2013. They made us watch these documentaries on slaughter houses. Everyone ended up leaving the room in tears, except for me and one other student. People were just dropping like flies. I however was fascinated. I couldn't believe I had been supporting this industry for so long. Literally paying people to do the things they were doing to those animals. As I sat there watching, I literally felt like the skin was melting off of my face. 

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Which Mat Do I Use?

Well that depends on your needs. 

- - - - -

Ask yourself:

Am I new to yoga?

Am I taking hot classes?

Do I have achy or boney knees?

Am I really tall?

How much money am I looking to spend?

Do I plan on upgrading my mat in the future?

Will I be traveling often with my mat?

Do I want an eco-friendly mat?

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Pregnant AF

So i'm sitting here in bed and I have to pee.. I just peed 15 minutes ago and 10 minutes before that and 5 minutes before that. My husband and dog are sound asleep and I got to thinking about this whole pregnancy thing. 

I'm 29 weeks pregnant to be exact, only 11 weeks to go, and i'm not being the best pregnant yogi. 

I've taught many prenatal classes but most of them took place before I was pregnant. I would say things like, "you're a goddess" "your body was designed to do this" and now that i'm living it, i'm feeling more like gigantor than a goddess. 

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