Hey there sister

I'm here to be that yoga girl you met that time at that one place. My mission? To empower women through cultural commentary and mindful living practices.


I’m currently navigating life and making this up as I go, just like you. Although these days im experiencing much more growth than setbacks and while the change didn't happen over night, I look back now and realize it kind of did. As in one day things just clicked and before I knew it I was on the road to doing exactly what I want with my life & my headspace had majorly shifted. I started thinking bigger, I started being braver, reading more, consuming podcasts, writing goals, doing things that made me uncomfortable & certainly having moments of complete and utter anxiety.

I decided to create a podcast and it took an entire year for me to produce my first episode. Today, I'm 10 episodes in, found a rhythm, overcame the stress of hosting a video call and figured out the equipment to do in person interviews. I started interviewing people WAY above my pay grade and & learned how to brand. These are a fraction of the hurdles that made me question myself along the way but sis... I just kept moving forward. I became an IT guy, a brand manager, a writer & entrepreneur. Here’s my secret, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and I was brave enough to try & try again.

I’ve since written a children’s book & currently host a morning radio show in Northern Colorado.


I created Vegan Yoga Mom because after years of teaching yoga, soul searching & countless jobs one day I woke up and decided it was time to go my own way. I was done with doing things that didn't align with my heart & that meant just about anything that didn't serve a real purpose for the world.

At 25 I became a mom and 2 years later I launched vym podcast because I felt compelled to share what was on my heart. I wanted to make sure that all my friends knew what was going on in the world, to make informed decisions and have a challenged perspective; to be strong & brave.

As a yoga teacher, I was able to cut through the bullshit and see the world in a different way, as a vegan I was able to understand policy and corporate greed, as a mom I knew I had to make my mark on the world because its rough out there and I want a brighter future for my daughter.

At some point I got pretty into politics and realized that too many women were in the dark about corruption, how it effects our daily lives & the ability to change it. I wanted to help her (any she/her identifying human) grow outside of the yoga studio. To give her permission to not only speak up but to investigate her own heart in pursuit of truth.

Yoga, sustainable living, veganism, activism, politics, motherhood, feminism, truth seeking-- its all led me to now. To share & help her grow into the woman she was born to be. Holding space for truth and unapologetic passion. Because the world needs you as you were born to be but most of us become the person the world wants us to be & we end up cynical, glazed over or lost. Here me when I say this sister, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Say it with me, I CAN DO ANYTHING.

This space is about bringing women together to discuss life, lessons, failing, and being a regular girl on her quest to change the world.



What is Yoga?

It's the concept and active practice of leading with a compassionate heart and choosing non-violent communication. Finding gratitude as your highest attitude in an effort to break down a materialistic society and promote genuine connections. That connection begins with "the Self."

Ultimately, yoga is union with God, or the Divine, which resides within all beings. If you are in conflict with another, even just a negative thought, you are in conflict with yourself because we are all united. Yoga is union, derived from the Sanskrit word 'yuj' meaning "to yoke"